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Gragnano Pasta PGI


Gragnano Pasta PGI

The town of Gragnano, in the province of Naples has become famous at international level for the high quality of pasta made ​​from durum wheat semolina, which is produced by its many ancient pasta factories. In Gragnano pasta production has its roots in ancient times: already in 500 it was realized that its location was particularly suitable for the production of pasta. Rises, in fact, on top of a valley, on which flow into many sources mountain spring water which not only powers the mills, gives the pasta a very distinctive flavor. In addition, the warm weather, but windy by the sea breeze, encourages the drying process that in the past, happened outside along the streets in conditions of constant temperature and humidity of course, that guaranteed the taste and the perfect preservation of the dry product. So it was that in the seventeenth century arose the first pasta family, and soon the city became an industrial center well known, whose many pasta still follow the rules of production of essential importance: the use of durum wheat semolina and processing craftsmanship, characterized by bronze drawing and subsequent natural drying, which ensures that the  Gragnano Pasta a very high quality.

Three million tons of packages of pasta in a year, for a consumer base estimated at over 6 million people and an estimated production growth of around 10 % in the last year are significant data that testify to the vitality of a strategic sector for the regional economy. The sector also employs more than 300 people in the city of pasta, or 5% of the total national workforce in the industry. Gragnano pasta is now sold in 42 different countries, but the international market is further expansion. The dough ingredients are mostly genuine.

Under the guideline of production, “Gragnano pasta” is the product obtained from mixing of durum wheat with pure water from the local aquifer, with a particular scent of ripe wheat and a characteristic fruity flavor , taste decided .

Gragnano pasta is characterized by a wrinkled appearance, typical of bronze drawing, and cooking shows is firm and elastic, with excellent and long-lasting . The application for approval has been submitted by the Consorzio Gragnano Città della pasta which includes most of the local pasta makers and represents 90 % of the area both in terms of volumes and turnover.

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